Paul Baiocchi

Paul Baiocchi is a former VP of analytics at

ETF Report

 Rising Sun, Rising Returns?

With Shinzo Abe returning, Japan wants to take back its seat at the financial table. Here’s how ETF investors can play Japan’s big comeback. Analysis

Sec-Lending Disinformation

Tracking-error study regarding securities lending by ETF firms confuses the issue. Analysis

Soros Bails On GLD: So What?

Soros sold a big position in GLD, but the truth is it doesn’t matter. Analysis

IEMG Becoming Best In Class

It’s been just four months since iShares launched IEMG, but you would never know given how swiftly the market has snatched up shares in the fund. Analysis

Energy Sector Humming On Low Volatility

Structural changes in the industry may tame volatile energy markets. Analysis

More To MLP ETPs Than Meets The Eye

Don’t be fooled into thinking MLP ETFs and ETNs are similar, because they’re not. Analysis

Electronic K-1s To Relieve Tax Headaches

Electronic tax forms are on the way for ETF investors using futures, and it’s about time.

ETF Report

 Why You Should Stop Worrying & Learn To Love ETF Closures

2012 was a big year for ETF closures, but don’t let that make you nervous. Here’s what the fund closures mean for investors—and what we think will shut down in 2013. Analysis

Not All Physical Gold ETFs Built The Same

Gold ETFs may appear to be same, until you consider expense ratios and vaulting.