Paul Baiocchi

Paul Baiocchi is a former VP of analytics at Analysis

SEC Once Again Late To The ETF Party

The SEC's toothless bulletin does little to address the real issues. Analysis

The S&P Downgrade, One Crazy Year Later

On Aug. 5, 2011, financial markets as we know them were supposed to have ended. They didn’t then, but when will they? Analysis

Euro's Plight A Challenge

The euro’s growing problems are forcing big decisions on investors—and quickly. Analysis

The Ag ETF Price Disconnect

With historically hot and dry weather, agricultural commodities prices have been on fire since the beginning of June, but ETF investors have been left out in the cold.

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The Ag ETF Price Disconnect: Investors Don't Get Spot Prices

Investors must understand what kind of exposure an agricultural ETF has on the futures curves. Analysis

Currency-Hedged BRIC ETFs?

The BRIC currencies have taken it on the chin in the past year, and ETF investors need to have the tools to manage that risk. Analysis

The Infrastructure ETF Hype?

Global infrastructure was supposed to be one of the biggest investment themes of the decade. Has it been? Analysis

ETFs North Of The EU Mess

Europe's debt crisis is nowhere near over, but that doesn't mean ETF investors should avoid the continent altogether. They just need to look north.

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Short-Sellers Guide To Gold Using ETFs

Several inverse funds can give investors exposure to falling gold prices, but timing is everything.