Paul Baiocchi

Paul Baiocchi is a former VP of analytics at Analysis

Time For Chinese ETFs Again?

Last year was a nightmare for investors holding Chinese ETFs. But that story could be, well, so last year. Analysis

A High-Payout ETF Checkup

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, wait, no, it’s a SuperDividend ETF! Or is it? Analysis

Shunning B of A In Bank ETFs

Owning Bank of America may be too much even for those brave enough to own U.S. financials. Lucky for them, a few bank ETFs avoid B of A. Analysis

Beyond The Cost Of AGG & BND

The aggregate bond ETF world is full of funds that track the same index, and yet investors aren't focusing on cost alone. Is that wise?

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Sprott's Silver Call To Arms Takes Page From Saudi Oil Playbook

Major silver investor encourages silver producers to stockpile commodity to push prices higher. Analysis

Sprott’s Silver Call To Arms

Anytime Eric Sprott or anyone with a vested interest in a specific asset opines about that asset, his or her words should be taken with a grain of salt. Analysis

A Socially Awkward ETF?

When Global X first put its social media ETF into registration, I scoffed. Now that it’s live, it’s time to find out if I was wrong. Analysis

Gold Miner ETFs And Einhorn

Anytime hedge fund magnate David Einhorn speaks, the market listens. Analysis

Flawed Inflation-Hedging ETFs

The threat of global inflation has been one of the hot-button market topics for what seems like forever, and yet the options for hedging against it are still spotty at best.