Paul Baiocchi

Paul Baiocchi is a former VP of analytics at Analysis

CFTC Position Limits And ETFs

A wave of new position limits on commodities futures contracts is forthcoming, and ETF investors need to take note. Analysis

ETFs For The Obama Job Plan

Today’s much-anticipated speech by President Obama unveiling his latest jobs plan is not just an opportunity to jockey for political position, it’s an opportunity for investors. Analysis

Finding Value In SPIVA Data

The easy takeaway from 2011’s half-year SPIVA scorecard is passive management wins in the long run, while active management is compelling over shorter periods of time.

Features and News

Energy, Materials ETFs Dive In Market Sell-Off

Huge market activity beats some funds down, opens doors in others. Analysis

Why GLD And GDX Are Completely Unrelated

GLD is up 28 percent over the past six months. GDX is up just 5 percent. What gives? Analysis

‘Deep Thoughts’ On New ETFs

Global X’s recent filing for a slew of obscure ETF themes got me thinking, what could possibly be next? Analysis

Stress-Test Your ETF Portfolio

With all the debt-related uncertainty in Europe, now’s as good a time as any for investors to stress-test their ETF portfolios. Analysis

Gold ETF Flows Poppycock

The FT ran a story this week that tried to correlate a decline in precious metals ETF flows with the end of the bull market in gold. Let’s hope not too many investors were misled. Analysis

Lumps Of Coal ETFs To Weigh

Despite Obama’s campaign pledge to bankrupt it, the U.S. coal industry is thriving.