Paul Britt

Paul Britt, CFA, is a senior analyst in the ETF Analytics group at FactSet, a team that maintains and develops an industry-leading suite of ETF-related data and analytics products. Prior to joining FactSet in April 2015, he was a senior analyst at, where he performed a similar role, and worked in private placement at Pensco Trust. Paul holds a B.S. from RIT and an M.S. in financial analysis from the University of San Francisco. Analysis

Keep VXX On A Short Leash

Extreme volatility. There’s an ETF for that, right? Analysis

The Other S&P Committee

A committee approach makes sense for rating sovereign debt. But not for making equity indexes like the S&P 500.

ETF Report

 The Point Of Absolute-Return ETFs

Even the name stirs controversy. Whether called absolute return, hedge fund style or alternative assets, this group of ETFs boldly veers off the well-trodden path of beta-one passive investing. Analysis

Playing Defense With ETFs

Anxiety in financial markets is high these days, but can some of the newer ETFs help investors ride the storms more smoothly? Analysis

Is ‘Enhanced Beta’ Too Much?

Recently launched 'enhanced' or 'intelligent' beta ETFs from Russell and PowerShares offer more ways to slice and dice U.S. equities. Is it too much of a good thing? Analysis

Low P/Es for Big Tech ETFs

Tech stocks currently trade at price to earnings ratios lower than that of the broad market. What does this mean for big tech ETFs? Analysis

XVIX At Six Months

Volatility play? Contango killer? Hedging Tool? It’s none of the above. Analysis

Arnott’s PRF Is No Witchcraft

Indexing legend John Bogle, according to Bloomberg, called fundamental indexing “witchcraft,” but I think he’s pretty far off the mark. Analysis

Time To Love Midcap ETFs

If large-cap ETFs are luxury sedans, and small-caps are sexy sports cars, then midcaps seem to be minivans. It isn't fair.