Paul Britt

Paul Britt, CFA, is a senior analyst in the ETF Analytics group at FactSet, a team that maintains and develops an industry-leading suite of ETF-related data and analytics products. Prior to joining FactSet in April 2015, he was a senior analyst at, where he performed a similar role, and worked in private placement at Pensco Trust. Paul holds a B.S. from RIT and an M.S. in financial analysis from the University of San Francisco. Analysis

Downside Risk ETFs Get Their Moment

Equity ETFs that rely on VIX derivatives to hedge downside risk yield a surprising range of results. Analysis

MLP Funds Withstanding Oil’s Swoon

Master limited partnership ETFs differ from broad energy ETFs in avoiding oil’s four-month decline. Analysis

Truth In Labeling: Why An ETF’s Name Matters

Sometimes ‘extended’ or ‘enhanced’ actually means ‘leveraged.’ Analysis

A Well Timed Managed Futures ETF Launches

New ETF aims for a safer alternative when it comes to managed futures.

Features and News

Kinder Morgan’s Tax Effects On MLP ETFs

Jeremy Held of ALPS lays out the effects Kinder Morgan’s move to become a corporation will have on holders of the huge MLP ETF ‘AMLP.’ Analysis

Highest Fee ETFs—Where The Money Goes

Funds with the highest fees reflect the costs of the strategy, not of the management.

ETF Report

 Unwrapping Alternative Income

There are many ways to earn income without bonds in this low-rate world, but all carry some type of risk. Analysis

Currency Hedged ETFs Not Created Equal

High interest rates in emerging markets are paid, not earned, for currency-hedged ETFs like HEEM and DBEM. Analysis

Inside Stumbling Small-Cap ETF Returns

Small-cap ETFs are struggling this year, especially those that favor the smallest firms.