Paul Britt

Paul Britt, CFA, is a senior analyst in the ETF Analytics group at FactSet, a team that maintains and develops an industry-leading suite of ETF-related data and analytics products. Prior to joining FactSet in April 2015, he was a senior analyst at, where he performed a similar role, and worked in private placement at Pensco Trust. Paul holds a B.S. from RIT and an M.S. in financial analysis from the University of San Francisco. Analysis

'Fiscal Cliff' Notes On Using VIX ETPs

With Washington, D.C. dithering, is now the perfect time for a VIX-related volatility ETP? Analysis

Investors Pile Into Newer Resources ETFs

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PHDG Is Another Take On Low-Risk ETFs

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Dividend ETFs: High Yield Vs. High Return

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Tilting Toward Value ETFs: VLU and TILT

Choices abound for factor-based coverage of U.S. equities. Some of them even make sense. Analysis

IEFA: Better Than EFA For The Long Haul

The new iShares 'IEFA' fund is a better choice for long-term investors than sister fund EFA, but it isn’t perfect.

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