Rachael Revesz

Rachael Revesz joined ETF.com in August 2013 as staff writer. Previously an investment reporter at Citywire, she has a background in writing content for retail financial advisors and has covered a wide range of subjects in finance. Revesz studied journalism at PMA Media, which has since merged with the Press Association. She also holds a B.A. in modern languages from Durham University, as well as CF1 and CF2 financial planning certificates from the CII.

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UPDATE: ZyFin Breaks Into Europe With World’s First Indian Bond ETF

It will also be the first ETF to physically track Indian fixed income in Europe for 0.79%


CEO Series: Derek Fulton, First Trust

ETF.com founder Jim Wiandt talks to First Trust's Derek Fulton and Eric Anderson, discussing the company's goals and the future of the European ETF industry.

Features and News

ETF Securities Launches First Short & Leverage China ETFs

The 3x short and leverage funds track the FTSE China 50 Index for 0.98% fees

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ETFs Are Not Cheaper Than Passive Funds

If you only include clean share classes on passive funds, Defaqto finds ETFs are more expensive  

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Survey: Advisers Want More ETFs On Platforms

82% of advisers believe ETFs need to be more widely available on platforms

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Lyxor Switches €7.6bn Euro Stoxx ETF To Physical Replication

The ETF provider intends to reach 50% physical ETF assets by the end of 2016

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10 Highest Yielding Europe-Listed ETFs

With interest rates set to stay low for months to come, high-yield ETFs are attractive to some investors

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ETF Showdown: Comparing European Equity ETFs

Let's compare two ETFs that track European equities, to find the right fit for you  

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The ETF That Coined Buffett’s “Moat” Factor

The Van Eck's fund selects the cheapest U.S. stocks that are able to protect their cash flow and dividends