Rachael Revesz

Rachael Revesz joined ETF.com in August 2013 as staff writer. Previously an investment reporter at Citywire, she has a background in writing content for retail financial advisors and has covered a wide range of subjects in finance. Revesz studied journalism at PMA Media, which has since merged with the Press Association. She also holds a B.A. in modern languages from Durham University, as well as CF1 and CF2 financial planning certificates from the CII.

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iShares MSCI Japan ETF Tops September Best-Selling List

Investors poured over €700 million into this one fund last month, Lipper found  

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The Top 10 New ETFs Year To Date

Smart beta gets good inflows, but who said plain vanilla was out of fashion?  

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3 Questions Advisers Should Ask About Risk-Rated Portfolios

Twenty20’s Allan Lane warns advisers to think carefully about why and how they use model portfolios

ETF.com Analysis

What Is Going On At HSBC?

The asset manager's ETF segment is slowly fading into obscurity amongst the adviser community

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How MiFID Will Affect Advisers

Consultant Graham Bishop explains how MiFID will require a new level of financial competence  

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Rethinking Classic 60/40 Portfolios

Can we still allocate 60 percent to equities and 40 percent to bonds in extraordinary times?

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db X-trackers Launches First USD Corporate Bond ETF

The fund costs 0.2 percent and tracks liquid investment grade bonds

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Bernstein: Beware Credit-Related Assets As Bubble Deflates

Why are investors overweight credit-related assets as the expansion of credit unwinds and these assets underperform?

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WisdomTree Launches Europe’s First Emerging Asia Income ETF

The fund ranks stocks by dividend yield and costs 0.54 percent per year