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Boosting The ETP Market

Launched in October, Boost ETP has just listed its first 10 products. Rebecca Hampson talks to co-CEO Hector McNeil.

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Making Contrarian Choices With ETFs

Fund managers are turning to ETFs for their portfolios. Rebecca Hampson talks to co-founder of SCM Private, Alan Miller.

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ETP Watch: Listings Of The Week

From December 1 to December 11, there were nine new ETP listings in Europe, including a new fund series from iShares and the first two exchange-traded products from Boost ETP.


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Nizam Hamid Departs Lyxor

The head of exchange-traded fund strategy and deputy head of European ETF Provider Lyxor Asset Management has left the firm, according to sources.

Nizam Hamid left Lyxor last month, according to sources who wished not to be identified.

Hamid’s future plans are unclear. Prior to Lyxor, he was head of European sales strategy at BlackRock and before that head of sales strategy at BGI.  Previously, Hamid worked for ten years as head of portfolio, index and delta-one research at Deutsche Bank.