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Is Lyxor Turning The Corner?

European ETF provider Lyxor emerges from the damage caused by the debate over the risks associated with swap-based ETFs

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Low-Cost Funds Perform Better, Says Vanguard

New research from index fund giant Vanguard suggests that investors face a very tough job when choosing active managers.

Vanguard’s research report, entitled the “Case for Index Fund Investing for UK Investors”, is based on data from Morningstar. In the report, Vanguard compares the historical performance of equity and fixed income funds investing with those funds’ stated benchmarks.

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No Oil Price Impact Seen From Index Change

S&P's GSCI increased its weighting in Brent oil futures, but that shouldn't impact oil prices, S&P Dow Jones' Jodie Gunzberg says.

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Commodity Index Change Unlikely To Impact Oil Price

Increased index weighting of Brent over WTI won't impact prices, market observers say.

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iShares Launches First Global High Yield Bond ETF

BlackRock’s iShares has launched the first European exchange-traded fund offering exposure to global high yield bonds. The iShares Global High Yield Bond ETF will track the Markit iBoxx Global Developed Markets Liquid High Yield Capped Index.

The ETF, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, will give investors exposure to sub-investment grade bonds issued by corporates in global developed markets and denominated in US dollars, Euros, Sterling or Canadian dollars.

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Former iShares Chief Returns To Barclays


iShares’ former European chief, Rory Tobin, has joined Barclays’ wealth and investment division, according to a report from Citywire.

Tobin’s new job is to review the UK bank’s asset management capabilities.

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Abu Dhabi ETF Switches To Physical

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi has announced that it is switching structure and benchmark on the region’s first exchange-traded fund, the NBAD OneShare Dow Jones UAE 25 ETF.

The ETF, which previously used swaps (derivatives) to track its index, has moved to a physically replicated structure. The ETF will also switch benchmark provider to the MSCI UAE IMI 10/40 index. It had previously followed the Dow Jones UAE 25 index.

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Smart Beta Puts Pressure On Active Managers

Active managers are feeling the pressure as money flows from active managed funds into strategy indices, as so-called “smart beta” gains traction.

According to one exchange-traded fund provider, who wished not to be named: “Quantitative index strategies are akin to a second wave of attack on active management. The switch to indexing was the first round and smart beta is the next.”