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Lyxor Launches Smart Beta ETF

Lyxor launches new smart beta ETF tracking Société Générale's value beta index

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Solactive Launches Hedge Fund Index

Solactive launches new hedge fund index that will give investors access to U.S. listed equity holdings made by hedge funds Analysis

Should We Be Paying More Attention To Liquidity Risk?

Is liquidity risk in ETFs something we should be looking at? After all, ESMA is now on the case.

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Small Cap European ETFs Could Shine In Q4

The euro has been declining on the weak eurozone economy, but ECB action could give small cap european equity ETFs a boost

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EIP Widens Asia-Pac ETF Distribution With CLSA Deal

Hong Kong's EIP teams up with CLSA Hong Kong to broaden its ETF distribution across Asia-Pacific

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European ETF Market Rules: Curse Or Cure?

The European ETF market has grappled with a plethora of regulations in the last few years, but what has been the true impact?  

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4 Views On Smart Beta ETFs

Smart beta ETFs are much talked about, we ask four industry experts for their view on these products  

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LSE Launches New Segment For Non-UCITS ETFs

The LSE has launched a new segment that will allow non-UCITS ETFs to be listed and traded Analysis

Access To Any Market: At What Cost?

We talk a lot about how great ETPs are, but what impact does the ability to access any market have?