Richard Kang

Richard Kang has the experience of over 25 NYSE-listed ETF launches since May 2009. He co-founded an NY-based asset manager whose ETF product lineup focused on underlying exposures in emerging and frontier markets. Over his 20 years of buy-side experience, Richard has had senior roles at a hedge fund, fund-of-hedge fund, investment counseling firm, index provider and ETF issuer/manager. He sits on FTSE's Country Classification Indexing committee and the editorial board of Institutional Investors' The Journal of Index Investing.

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Sorting Through China ETF Choices

By increasing exposure to emerging markets and China, investors may be focusing on return enhancement rather than volatility reduction.

ETF Report

 Building a hedged mutual fund with ETFs

Developments in any industry can often be perceived as so revolutionary that they evoke terms like "new paradigm" or "paradigm shift." One such development is the institutionally driven shift- that has become so popular recently-to separate beta and alpha in a portfolio. Institutions today are constructing their portfolios with passive instruments or beta as their core holdings and active instruments or alpha for their return engines.