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Do ETNs Belong In Your Portfolio?

With more commodity exchange-traded notes listed each day, we asked HAI contributor Roger Nusbaum what he thinks abut the products.

  • Should you worry about credit risk?
  • Opening new markets
  • Index tracking

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Uncovering Hidden Commodities Exposure

Do you have more commodities exposure in your portfolio than you thought?

  • Commodities + countries + alternative weighting = trouble
  • The link between countries and commodities
  • How much exposure do you need?

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Getting Into Uranium

Roger_NusbaumUranium is hot, and Nusbaum tells you how to play it.

  • The case for a uranium bull
  • The big giants vs. the pure plays
  • Adding a volatile asset


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Countries, Commodities, and Correlations

 HAI's newest contributor says that buying stocks from commodity producing countries is not the same as buying the commodities themselves.


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