Spencer Bogart

Spencer Bogart is head of research at Blockchain Capital.

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28 ETFs Get New Expense Ratios

Various ETF providers updated expense ratios on ETFs as part of annual review.

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Sec Lending: Risks, With Fewer Rewards

It would great if answers were easy to come by, but unfortunately, the securities-lending money trail isn’t easy to trace.

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New ETFs Combat Rising Rates, Inflation & QE

ETF issuers are getting increasingly creative in addressing an entirely new economic landscape.

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Choosing The Right Copper ETP

Navigating the complex sea of ETP offerings to select the exposure that’s right for you.

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India Inks ETF Focused On State-Run Names

Is India’s plan for its own ETF lunacy or genius?

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Muni ETFs Rally Not Over

Tax-exempt munis are already at all-time highs, and are looking attractive ahead of ‘fiscal cliff.’

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Beyond Special Dividends, Payout ETFs Loom

Special dividends are all the rage now, but what about yield in 2013?

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Reversal Of Fortune In EEM-VWO Asset War

When was the last time EEM gained assets? Apparently at VWO’s expense.

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High-Yield Senior Loan ETFs

This week a new issuer is likely to come out of the woodwork to offer another take on the ultra-popular theme of the year—high-yield ETFs.