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Sumit Roy is a senior ETF analyst for

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Russia-Ukraine Conflict Sparks Volatility In ETFs

Geopolitics has overshadowed inflation/interest rate fears in recent days.

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Is There Opportunity In E-Commerce ETFs?

Sales are still growing, but more slowly than they have over the past two years.

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Bond ETFs On Track For Another Rough Year

The largest bond ETF, ‘AGG,’ has never seen two straight years of negative returns.

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High Growth, Interest Rate Relationship Weakens

High growth stocks have held their own, though interest rates recently climbed.

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ARK Faithful Hold Firm—Mostly

Year-to-date, 'ARKK' still has inflows, but the other ETFs in ARK’s suite have shed assets.

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Energy ETFs Lead Market For 2nd Year

Energy is the best-performing sector for the second year in a row as oil prices reach eight-year high.

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ETFs Tumble On Worst Start To Year Ever For Stocks

The tech rout has spread to the broader markets.

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How MSFT’s Huge Gaming Deal Impacts ETFs

Deal would make Microsoft the third-largest gaming company in the world.

ETF Report

Europe & Its Standout Countries

Investors should not overlook Europe’s potential.