Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is a senior ETF analyst for

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Why Stock Indexes Tell Different Performance Stories

Exposure to tech stocks has impacted performance year to date.

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Market Signals Still Mixed After Fed Hike

Are we in a recession or not? No one seems to agree.

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Electric Vehicle Market Is More Than Just Tesla

The high-profile carmaker doesn’t fully capture the investing opportunities in electric vehicles.

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Worst Year On Record For Fixed Income ETFs

AGG's performance has been poor, but it could be worse.

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Another Big Fed Rate Hike To Drive ETFs

Investors brace for the Fed’s decision amid mixed signals.

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Big Earnings Week For Sector ETFs

A number of tech and social media giants, including 175 S&P 500 companies, are set to report quarterly results this week.

Weekly ETF Flows

Weekly ETF Inflows Total $6B

Year-to-date inflows ticked up to $325.4 billion.

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ETFs With The Most Liquid Options

A lot of assets under management doesn't always correspond to a deep and liquid options market.

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Housing ETFs Stay Depressed Amid Falling Sales

The National Association of Realtors blamed the decline on poor housing affordability.