Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is an analyst and senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

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NatGas Prices Primed To Spike After Record-Breaking Inventory Drop

Natural gas inventories fell by 285 bcf.

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Foolhardy Investment Decisions Haunt Gold Bugs Paulson & Sprott

Two of the most noteworthy gold investors were humbled by this year’s collapse in gold.

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Flynn: NatGas Prices Almost Doubling By 2015

Energy analyst Phil Flynn discusses outlook for natural gas and oil.

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January Cold Could Send Natural Gas To $5, Huge Withdrawal Coming

Natural gas inventories fell by 81 bcf.

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NatGas Production Moves Onshore & Why Hurricanes Don’t Matter Anymore

U.S. natural gas production has surged, but growth hasn’t been across the board.

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NatGas Blasts Through $4, Rally Not Over As Bulls Target $4.44 Next

Natural gas inventories fell by 162 bcf.

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Oil Supply Disruptions Spike In 2013, Supporting Prices

Lost supply from Libya and Iran totals millions of barrels per day.

ETF Report

 The U.S. Oil & Gas Boom: A Round Table

How long can the good times last? Is peak oil a myth? What does the boom mean for alternative energy? Our panel of experts answers key questions.

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Tale Of 2 Asset Classes Diverging: Gold & Stocks Both Move 26% This Year

The divergence between gold and stocks has been stark.