Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is an analyst and senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

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Casey Research’s James Favors Silver Over Gold In Near Term, Recommends Miner Silver Wheaton

Casey’s chief metals and mining strategist discusses gold, silver and miners.

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Gold/Silver Ratio Reverts To Its Mean After Wild Ride Since 2008—Which Metal Is The Better Value?

We take a look at the gold/silver ratio and what it tells investors.

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Gold Coin Sales Skyrocket, Contrasting Sharply With Massive Selling In ‘Paper Market’

One segment of the gold market is seeing huge buying.

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NatGas Spikes To 21-Month High, Market Must Loosen To Prevent Winter Surge To $8

We examine the latest developments in the natural gas market.

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Gold Rebounds, But Still Below $1,400

Gold rebounds after three particularly bearish trading sessions as it still faces 'negative demand' from ETFs.

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Gold Nose-Dives Below $1,500

There is no end in sight to the gold ETF liquidation.