Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is crypto editor and an ETF analyst for and ETF Report.

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 GSG Tracking: What Really Happened

When it comes to commodity indexes, the S&P GSCI is far and away the leader. More than $100 billion in assets is tied to this index, including nearly $2 billion split between two popular exchange-traded products: the $1.7 billion iShares S&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed Trust (NYSE Arca: GSG) and its smaller cousin, the $121 million iPath S&P GSCI Total Return Index ETN (NYSE Arca: GSP).

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Corn, Wheat Plunge; Soybeans Slip On USDA Data

Corn hit by a double whammy of higher-than-expected inventories and plantings; other grains fared better.

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Natural Gas Report: Prices Drop As Storage Deficit Falls

Natural gas prices move back toward $4 as forecasts for warm temperatures fail to offset a large storage injection and economic head winds.


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Contango Killers? New ETNs Play Energy Calendar Spreads

Two new products aim to make betting on contango easier than ever.

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Natural Gas: Prices Surge w/ Inventory Deficits

Natural gas put in a huge double-digit advance this week, as inventory concerns more than offset bearish production figures.

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Natural Gas Report: Natural Gas Holds Steady

While big, the 105 bcf injection reported by the EIA on Thursday does not materially change this summer’s natural gas outlook.

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David Wilson: Gold And Palladium Most Compelling

Gold and palladium—not silver and platinum—offer investors long-term value right now, says SocGen's director of Metals Research.

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The Other Precious Metals Duo

It's not all about GLD and SLV.

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Three Energy ETF Alternatives To XLE

Bigger isn't always better. Which three smaller energy plays have caught investors' attention now?