Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is a senior ETF analyst for

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The Other Precious Metals Duo

It's not all about GLD and SLV.

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Three Energy ETF Alternatives To XLE

Bigger isn't always better. Which three smaller energy plays have caught investors' attention now?

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How To Play The Plunging Gold/Silver Ratio

Find out why the gold/silver ratio is at 28-year lows and how you can position yourself for its next move.

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Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Could Send Natural Gas Soaring

Earlier this week, the Japanese earthquake sent shocks through the commodity markets, but its effects in the energy space could be more long-lasting.

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Oil Market Indicators Explained: Part 1

Given recent events in the oil market, we're taking a second look at our most commonly used oil market indicators. This week, we look at the fundamentals.

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WTI: A Shadow Of Its Former Self

With Brent now trading at record levels compared to WTI, how can energy investors best take advantage of the widening spread?