Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is crypto editor and an ETF analyst for and ETF Report.

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ETFs In Focus As Tesla Passes $1T Mark

The spike in price makes Tesla the fifth most valuable stock in the U.S.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Crypto ETFs Create Opportunities

Whether you're an advisor or an investor, the good news is we may have the answers you need.

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Crypto Wrap: Bitcoin Hits 5 Month High

The cryptocurrency rallied in the face of financial market volatility.

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Ethereum Aims For Store Of Value Crown

Two key changes to Ethereum’s monetary policy will dramatically reduce the supply growth of ether.

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What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum has overshadowed bitcoin this year and is at the center of the decentralized finance revolution.

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What Lies Ahead For GBTC & Grayscale

Dave LaValle discusses the product road map for his firm.

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Investing In Crypto

Although there’s no cryptocurrency ETF yet, there are numerous ways to access the space.

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When Will The US Get A Bitcoin ETF?

A deep dive into bitcoin ETF demand, the regulatory obstacles and how such products would improve markets.

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What Is Bitcoin?

To know whether you should buy bitcoin, first you have to understand what bitcoin even is.