Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is a senior ETF analyst for Analysis

A Magic Moment for Short-Term Bond ETFs

More rate hikes may be coming, and investors may want funds less sensitive to such moves.

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End of PayPal Dominance Boosts Appeal of Fintech ETFs

Exchange-traded funds allow investors to bet on fintech without single-stock risk.

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Global Markets Wrap: Russia Cuts Oil Production, UK Avoids Recession’s round of the latest international stories for ETF investors.

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Zero Fee ETF Crosses $1B in AUM for First Time

Zero-fee exchange-traded funds may be catching on.

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Direct Indexing Isn’t Niche Anymore

Experts highlight that direct indexing solutions are going mainstream. Analysis

US Stocks Approaching Bull Market

Latest gains bring S&P 500 close to exiting eight-month bear market.

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India ETFs Rattled by Short Seller Accusations

Claims lodged against Adani conglomerate weigh on a $5 billion India fund. Analysis

ETF Industry’s Next 30 Years of Twists and Turns’s Sumit Roy gazes into the future and asks if the ETF will exist in 2053.

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What Microsoft’s Downbeat Outlook Means for Tech ETFs

The company suggested tech spending would continue to decelerate next quarter.