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Tech, High Growth ETFs Buckle Amid Spiking Rates

The 10-year Treasury bond yield rallied for its seventh-straight session, pressuring high growth and high valuation stocks. Analysis

Most Interesting ETF Launches Of The Year

Launches are on track for a record year. Here are four ETFs that stand out from the crowd.

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What The Inverted Yield Curve Means For The Economy

The yield curve recently inverted. Should investors be worried about a recession?

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Best & Worst Performing ETFs Of 2022

‘SPY’ registered its first quarterly decline in two years, but it could have been worse; commodity ETFs surged.

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ETFs A Good Way To Access The Electric Vehicle Space

The wrapper offers a great way to get diversified exposure to a burgeoning industry.

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Best Performing Commodity ETFs Of The Year

Here are the best-performing ETFs within the best-performing asset class of 2022.

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Surprising Rebound In Stock ETFs Is Explainable

The S&P 500 jumped 8% in a matter of days, erasing more than half of its peak-to-trough losses.

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Breaking Down The Electric Vehicle Growth Story

Join us for our upcoming webinar on the electric vehicle space.

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ETFS Capital Responds To WisdomTree 'Poison Pill' With Scathing Letter

The investment company nominated three candidates to WisdomTree’s board.