Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is a staff writer for and ETF Report.

Monthly ETF Flows

$26B Pours Out Of US Equity ETFs In January

Outflows from two ETFs fueled a net outflow from U.S.-listed ETFs in the first month of 2019, even as stock markets surged.

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New Volatility ETN In Demand

'VXXB' picks up where 'VXX' left off.

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Why Trading Spreads Matter For ETFs

Expense ratios get all the attention, but spreads are another important ETF cost to consider.

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Big Shift In Volatility ETNs This Week 

One of the most actively traded ETPs on the market will cease trading this week. Here’s what to expect.

Weekly ETF Flows

Weekly ETF Outflows Hit $3.7B

Despite stock market gains, ETF demand sees rare retreat.

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Earnings Slowdown May Hit ETFs

Corporate earnings growth in 2019 set to slow dramatically from 2018's pace. Here's what it means for broad market and sector ETFs.

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Under The Radar ETFs

These five funds are quietly rallying, even as the broader financial markets struggle.

Weekly ETF Flows

ETF Inflows Start 2019 On Strong Note

During the new year's first full week of trading, ETFs saw net inflows of $8.1 billion. Analysis

Market Predictions For The New Year

Five viable financial predictions for 2019.