Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is a senior ETF analyst for Analysis

TQQQ Shows ‘Buy The Dip’ Isn’t Dead

The triple-leveraged fund ranks ninth on the inflows list so far this year.

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Housing ETFs Inch Lower as Market Stagnates

Home sales fall again as rising interest rates crimp demand.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Grayscale Trust’s Endlessly Widening Discount

Investors signaling doubt about whether GBTC will ever convert to an ETF.

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Gold’s Performance Mixed in Year of High Inflation

The metal is down in dollars, but up in most other currencies. Analysis

Markets Were Primed to Surge as Inflation Report Hit

Still, worries about higher prices linger.

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Fallen Angel ETFs Show Their Good Side

Downgraded bonds have lower default rates.

Monthly ETF Flows

ETF Inflows Notch New Monthly Record

Investors added $91.5 billion to U.S.-listed ETFs during October.

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Meta’s Plummet Exposes Risks, Opportunities in ETFs

Social media giant’s more than 25% decline drags down rival companies.

Bitcoin & Crypto

No Safe Haven With Bitcoin ETFs

Long and short crypto bets post losses this year.