Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is a staff writer for and ETF Report.

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Why Consumer Staples ETFs Struggle

The traditionally safe consumer staples are one of the worst-performing sectors of the year. 

Monthly ETF Flows

US Equity ETFs Led July Flows To $27B

Strong inflows for ‘BBJP’ helped propel year-to-date inflows to $148.5 billion.

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Most Shorted ETFs

Traders are betting these ETFs will fall.

Weekly ETF Flows

New Japan ETF Still Hot, Now Over $1.5B

Positive earnings and trade developments encouraged investors to add money to U.S. equity ETFs.

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Emerging Market Bond ETFs A Quandary

There's a lot weighing on emerging market bond ETFs.

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Most Interesting ETF Launches This Year

Four ETFs caught my eye from the 124 new funds that have launched so far in 2018.


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Worst Performing ETFs Of 2Q 2018

Losses for some ETPs are as much as 90%.

Weekly ETF Flows

US ETFs Fuel $8.5B Weekly Inflows

U.S. equity ETFs and U.S. fixed income ETFs took in the bulk of this week's inflows.

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Top Performing ETFs Of 2Q 2018

Health care, internet and oil products have performed well this year.