Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is an analyst and senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

Weekly ETF Flows

2020 ETF Inflows Top A Whopping $73B So Far

Year-to-date inflows top $73 billion, well ahead of last year's pace. 

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Coronavirus Weighs On China ETFs

Chinese stocks dropped 7.9% on Monday as markets reopened following the Lunar New Year holiday.

Monthly ETF Flows

ETF Inflows Kick Off Year With $51B In Jan.

ETF inflows got off to a strong start in January 2020. 

Weekly ETF Flows

Assets Double For This ESG ETF

'ESGE' had the largest inflows of all exchange-traded products this week. 

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Fastest Growing ETFs 2019

ETFs like 'VOO' and 'USMV' may have seen the largest absolute dollar inflows of the year, but many ETFs are growing faster on a percentage basis.

Weekly ETF Flows

Fixed Income ETFs Lead Strong Weekly Inflows

Year-to-date inflows now stand at $35.2 billion. 

Weekly ETF Flows

Strong ETF Inflows For 1st Week Of 2020

Inflows for U.S.-listed ETFs were $15.1 billion this week.

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How The Iran-US Conflict Impacts ETFs

Equities are mixed, gold is up and oil is down after the U.S. and Iran punched and counterpunched over the past week.

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Best Performing ETFs 1Q 2020

The top ETFs of 2019 surged by more than 50%.