Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is a staff writer for and ETF Report.

Weekly ETF Flows

The Year’s ETF Inflows Near $80B

A midweek sell-off in U.S. stocks didn’t stop investors from putting more money to work in U.S.-listed ETFs.

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One Health Care ETF Stands Above All

Health care is currently the worst-performing sector, but one health care ETF is outperforming.

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India ETFs Will React To Election

India is in the midst of the largest and most expensive election in history. Here’s what it means for India ETFs.

Monthly ETF Flows

April Best Month For 2019 ETF Inflows

U.S.-listed ETFs picked up $31.8 billion of new money in April.

Weekly ETF Flows

ETF Inflows Pause As Stocks Hit Records

The S&P 500 notched a fresh record-high close, but investors only added $375 million to U.S.-listed ETFs during the week.

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Politics Weigh On Health Care ETFs

Fears of Medicare-for-all are weighing on health care ETFs. Is this an opportunity?

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2 ETFs Riding Record Year For IPOs

2019 may shatter the record for money raised in IPOs set nearly two decades ago.

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Oil ETFs Surge As 'Rubber Band Snaps'

Oil’s best start since Q1 2002 lifts oil-tracking ETFs to gains of more than 40%.

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Worst Performing ETFs Of Q1 2019

These ETFs stand out for their poor performance in a strong year for financial markets.