Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy is a staff writer for and ETF Report.

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Investors Show Bond ETFs Love

More than $66 billion has flowed into fixed-income ETFs this year despite rising interest rates.

Weekly ETF Flows

Weekly Flows Rebound To $6B

ETFs like ‘BIL’ and ‘SHY’ topped the weekly inflows list.

Monthly ETF Flows

Investors Add Money To ETFs Despite Market Plunge

A net $4.4 billion entered U.S.-listed ETFs during October.

Features and News

Understanding Spiking VIX ETFs

Why volatility exchange-traded products worked.

Weekly ETF Flows

Turmoil Doesn't Deter ETF Inflows

U.S. equity ETFs took in fresh cash even as share prices tumbled.

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Market Correction’s Meaning For ETFs

Why the market has dropped precipitously this month, and what investors should do about it.

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Top Performing Factor ETFs

These factor ETFs have returns two or three times those of the broader market.

Weekly ETF Flows

2nd Straight Week Of ETF Outflows

Big outflow from ‘SPY’ pushed weekly flows into the red.

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Top Performing Commodity ETFs

Commodities are rallying for a third-straight year.