Tyler Mordy

Tyler Mordy is president and chief investment officer at Forstrong Global Asset Management. He is widely quoted and interviewed by the financial media for his global investment strategy views as well as ETF trends.

Journal Of Indexes

The Unbearable Lightness Of The Central-Bank Put

An exploration of the implications of a global paradox.

Journal Of Indexes

Workers Of The World Untied

Examining some unsettling economic developments.

Features and News

Behind The Curtain: Entering Oz-sterity & Other Macro Challenges

Don't mindlessly follow the words of disconnected prognosticators down the well-trodden yellow brick road.

Features and News

Temporary Dip, Or Rebel Without A Pause?

Without government stimulus, it's back to the slow slog for financial markets.

ETF Report

 Why I Own: ALD

ETF.com Analysis

Lessons From Reykjavik

What does Iceland’s recent history tell us about investing in the aftermath of a credit-driven financial boom and bust?

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Green Is Good – But Is It Profitable?

Re-examining the investment case for alternative energy and how to gain exposure via ETFs.

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Inglorious Debtors In Global Bond Indexes?

While bond ETFs do offer excellent noncorrelated exposures in balanced portfolios, choosing the right asset class exposures is key.

Features and News

Look To Emerging Market Currencies

Ignore the dollar and its ugly duckling cousins like the euro; look to emerging markets for growth.