Ugo Egbunike Analysis

Index Firms Matter More Than You Think

ETF issuers have made a lot of high-profile moves in the index space lately. That doesn’t mean those moves are the best decisions for investors. Analysis

Wary Of Fidelity & BlackRock ETF Platform

The Fidelity and BlackRock alliance is certainly interesting, but there are issues that concern me as an investor interested in suitability and stability. Analysis

Time To Hedge EAFE Exposure

Given the race to debase among central banks, investors should know about tools to help them take cover. Analysis

More Low-Vol Large-Cap ETFs?

In the midst of the steadily rising equity markets, ETF issuers are still pumping out low-volatility funds.

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 Ten Super-Yielding ETFs

The IndexUniverse ETF Analytics team profiles 10 ETFs with the highest portfolio yields in 2012. Analysis

Currency ETFs Do Matter

Recently, my colleague and friend Paul Baiocchi declared currency ETFs irrelevant. Sorry Paul, but you’re dead wrong.

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 Trading With The Big Dogs

Your clients are ready to start ordering 100,000 shares of their ETFs. How do you execute the trades and still keep your shirt?

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 How To Work With Market Makers

RiverFront's Rob Glownia offers his advice for getting the best price for your trade through a liquidity provider.

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 How to Trade ETFs

IndexUniverse's ETF Analytics team shows you how to assess market liquidity, evaluate liquidity providers and get the best bang for your buck.