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If Euro Dies, Franc Will Rise

A few weeks ago, we all looked in awe as the 10-year U.S. Treasury yields sank to a record low. You won’t be as awed once you see what’s going on in Switzerland. Analysis

How To Prepare For QE3

You hear, I hear it, we all hear it. The market is calling—no wait—screaming for a third round of quantitative easing. Analysis

The Road To Greece Is Flawed

Troubled Greece could well abandon the euro soon. But my concern here is with the troubles of the ETF market’s only Greece-focused fund.

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The Euro Is ‘Dead’: Here’s How To Survive

It's time to look closely at investment exposure involving the eurozone and the beleagured euro.

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South African Rand Holds Back EZA

The rand, for now, is killing returns for U.S. investors in South Africa.

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Investor FX: Brazil ETFs Hurt By Weak Real

A weakening Brazilian real is killing returns for U.S.-based investors in funds like EWZ.

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How To Play A Yuan Rally

With China widening its currency trading bands, we ask what the best ETF to play the strong Chinese currency is: CYB, CNY or FXCH?

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Swiss Franc Peg At Risk Of Breaking

After 7 months of the Swiss franc’s peg to the euro, investor demand is forcing the peg to reach its limits and challenging the Swiss National Bank to act. Analysis

Bull Rally Or Unique Recovery?

With the S&P 500’s strong first quarter, the debate is still on as to whether this is a ‘true’ recovery.