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Weak Euro Doubles Eurozone ETF Losses

Eurozone ETF losses last week were doubled, as the euro was weakened by debt-crisis skeptics.

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Peso Sent Mexico ETF EWW Flying In Q1

A soaring Mexican peso more than doubled first-quarter returns for U.S. investors.

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Aussie Dollar Sinks US Investor Returns

The Aussie dollar’s weakness trashed U.S. investors’ returns last week, but ‘no worries.’

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Japan ETFs Face Stiff Yen Head Winds

The flagging yen almost ruined returns for U.S. investors last week.

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YMLP’s Wacky Trades: A Cautionary Tale

How two weird trades on the new MLP ETF, YMLP, became the latest lesson for investors.

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Brazilian ETFs Fall As Real Tumbles

U.S. investors suffer from real depreciation. Analysis

Two Pauls Don’t Make A Right

Paul & Paul, I loved your blogs, and I understand your support for greater regulation. But, come on. Analysis

Don’t Mix Volcker Rule, ETFs

Creating a better regulatory environment sounds great, but the Volcker Rule belongs nowhere near ETFs. Analysis

An ETN Credit Risk Checkup

After last week’s downgrade of RBS by Moody’s, I have to ask , is that the best means of determining credit risk for ETN investors?