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Rogue Trading 101: How To Lose $2 Billion

Getting inside the mind of a rogue ETF trader, and wondering, what’s up with his employer? Analysis

Joint Eurobond ETF Fallout

The EU’s plan to issue bonds jointly by eurozone members is good news for some ETF investors and possibly bad news for others. Analysis

Franc Intervention Could Hurt iShares’ Swiss ETF

The Swiss franc intervention will hurt ETF investors, but not the ones you think.

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The renminbi has historically been one of the hardest currencies to access. But the times, they are a-changing. Analysis

The Ailing US Dollar Index

The U.S. Dollar Index has been the go-to benchmark to value the dollar in other currencies since 1973. Too bad it’s so flawed. Analysis

Faith At What Cost?

Devin, you made a great point in your recent blog that expense ratios aren’t the big issue when it comes to sector ETFs. But I think you went too far.

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 ETF Market Making 101

Most investors know the intricacies of ETFs: expense ratios, portfolio management, tracking relative to an ETF’s index and that the price they get is the best available. But that’s not always true.

Features and News

Inside The Nasdaq-100 Rebalancing

We bickered about the Nasdaq-100 and its rebalancing, but all in all, it looked like PowerShares handled it pretty well.