ETF Trading Report: Nuclear, French ETF In Focus

April 24, 2012


Trading volume on ETFs focused on France and on nuclear energy as the week got under way amid renewed concerns about the health of the eurozone’s economy, according to an article on Zacks.

Concerns about the staying power of the eurozone and risk stemming from the French election caused the iShares MSCI France Index ETF (NYSEArca: EWQ) volume to increase from its average 414,000, to 1.3 million shares yesterday, reports Zacks. EWQ fell 2.5 percent on Monday and is down almost 4.2 percent in the past three months, according to the article.

The second fund highlighted was the Market Vectors Uranium & Nuclear Energy ETF (NYSEArca: NLR). NLR’s volume increased to 430,000 shares on Monday—more than 10 times the volume seen on an average day for the fund. However, the cause for the jump in NLR’s volume remains uncertain, according to the article.


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