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Emles Advisors LLC (“Emles”) was founded in 2019 by Gabriel Hammond, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer. In June 2020 Emles became a registered investment adviser with the Securities Exchange Commission.

Emles is an asset manager putting in the work to help solve for some of the world’s toughest financial problems, such as low return expectations, absence of yield and elevated correlations. We believe investors need differentiated options for their portfolios – and there’s an entire world full of untapped investment strategies that haven’t been explored. At Emles, we explore, create and earn investment opportunities few will identify or execute. The result is a unique, innovative product line that seeks to push the industry, and your financial goals, forward. We conduct intense research across global markets and asset classes to secure differentiated and attractive investment opportunities for our Clients. For each of these opportunities we structure the most appropriate investment vehicle to maximize investor access, liquidity and transparency




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