How To Pick A Muni Bond ETF

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2 ETFs Making Big Changes

Two of First Trust’s funds will shift their focus.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Capitalism Vs. Socialism

It’s already priced in. Trust in the wisdom of crowds.

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Inside ETFs: Behind FlexShares’ ETF Success

Northern Trust’s Darek Wojnar breaks down how the firm goes about product development.

Inside ETFs: Key Role Of ETF Subadvisor

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ETF Of The Week: The Weirdest Fund Turns 20

Even with a quirky structure and index, QQQ's massive volume proves there's plenty of life in the old dog yet. 

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Inside ETFs: Signs Of Maturing ETF Market

CFRA's Todd Rosenbluth offers insight into what the growing sophistication of ETF investors means to the industry.

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Emerging Market ETFs Could Keep Rallying

EM analyst shares his outlook for the asset class, including which emerging markets to avoid.

Swedroe: Retirement More Than Just Money

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: 2018’s Active Vs. Index Scorecard

Nearly 70% of domestic funds underperformed the broad benchmark in 2018, according to the SPIVA report.

ETF Strategist Corner

Where ETF Industry Falls Short

ETFs have democratized investing, but they haven’t democratized financial and ETF literacy.


ETF Prime Podcast: How The Biggest Launch In 15 Years Happened

Also, 'Women In ETFs,'  actively managed bond strategies and how covered calls work.

Hot Reads: Cboe Unplugging Bitcoin Futures

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Hot Reads: Passive Overtaking Active

Plus, a look at how much active needs to add to its performance to justify its volatility.


Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: Top ETFs Of 10 Year Bull Run

Also, how ETFs can temper market crashes and curb contagion.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: 5 ETF Picks For An Uncertain 2019

Also, is it worth it to be a famous fund manager?

Legg Mason: An ETF Focused On Income

ETF Industry Perspective

ProShares: Why Dividend Aristocrats Are King

In a downturn, quality matters—look to the Dividend Aristocrats.

ETF Industry Perspective

Legg Mason: A Case For Active Short Duration Income

A new fund for an evolving fixed-income market.

ETF Industry Perspective

Vanguard: Your Preferred Factor Flavor

Consider four key questions when deciding on the right factor recipe for your clients’ portfolios.Advertisement

ETF That Pays You Debuts

Daily ETF Watch

ETF That Pays You Debuts

Latest launch from Salt has a negative expense ratio after waivers.

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JP Morgan ETFs Set New Pricing Bar

The equity and fixed-income funds are the lowest-priced funds in their categories.

Daily ETF Watch

Slew Of ETF Closures Coming

March proving to be busy month for ETF closures.

Why Impact Investing's Time Has Come

ETF Report

The Long Game

Impact investing is waiting its turn as interest in it grows.

ETF Report

Nuveen Takes Socially Responsible Direction

Firm has bet heavily on smart-beta and factor strategies while growing rapidly through mergers and acquisitions.

ETF Report

Syntax Looks To Market Institutional Approach

It’s doing so by launching an ETF and using unique SEC permission.