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‘HACK’ ETF Issuer Enters Uncertain Chapter

Last week’s milestone ruling in the case of stolen ETF fees left investors wondering what happens next.

Features and News

Best Performing Tech ETFs Of The Year

The tech sector is on track for its best return in 10 years, trouncing the performance of all other sectors.

Weekly ETF Flows

Weekly ETF Outflows Total $21B

Net ETF inflows for 2019 are still on track to be the second-largest on record. 

Under The Hood Of 2 New ESG ETFs

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Active ETF Asset Traction Quickens

Fixed income ETF usage is also accelerating.

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Virus Sends Lagging Energy ETFs Lower

Already one of the least-loved sectors, energy falls further out of favor due to the coronavirus.

Features and News

Don’t Adjust Portfolios Due To Coronavirus

Senior investment strategist at Wells Fargo Asset Management discusses the financial markets.

Growing Appeal Of Fixed Income ETFs


ETF Prime Podcast: Coronavirus, Bonds & Mini SPY

Also, a dive into how overlay ETFs work.

ETF Strategist Corner

Why Health Care ETFs For Defense Now

The sector has been beaten down, but it’s offering strong fundamentals and good value in turbulent times.

Index Investor Corner

All-Equity ETF Portfolio Doesn’t Add Up

One advisor ponders why a 100% equity ETF retirement portfolio is an interesting but flawed idea.

Hot Reads: Franklin Templeton Buying Legg Mason

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: The Futility Of New Bond Factors

Also, Treasury market flashes new warnings.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: 2019 Fixed Income Demand Surged

Plus, the challenges and risks that come with factor strategies.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: Why Not Go 100% Equities?

Also, Congressional gridlock will keep corporate tax rate in place.

Alpha Architect: ETFs With Focused Value Access

ETF Industry Perspective

Fidelity: Embrace Technology To Thrive

How embracing technology can help firms manage in times of rapid change.

ETF Industry Perspective

ProShares: Dividend Growers ETFs Target Elite Few

Strategies focused on dividend growth have a lot to offer investors.

ETF Industry Perspective

Natixis: Don’t Oversimplify Volatility

New Fund Invests In Sector ETFs

Daily ETF Watch

First Trust Merging Multiple ETFs

The issuer is known for avoiding closures.

Daily ETF Watch

iShares Adds ‘Leaders’ ESG ETF

New fund will compete with DWS' emerging market ESG ETF.

Daily ETF Watch

Barclays Debuts Clone Of Inverse Treasury ETN

The new product will offer investors a new entry point for those looking for inverse exposure to Treasury yields.

Anatomy Of An ETF Trade

ETF Report

The Best-Kept Secret In ETF Trading

ETF issuers’ capital markets teams are a valuable—but often overlooked—resource for investors of any size

ETF Report

Eulogy For iNAV

A metric that was not really that useful is no longer a requirement

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