Weekly ETF Inflows Almost $15B

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Cheapest Biotech & Semiconductor ETFs Launch

The new entrants come to market with category-low fees.

ETF Strategist Corner

New ETFs No Issue For Big Investors

The need to show a three-year track record is becoming less important.

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Commercial Real Estate ETFs Ripen

The turn from residential to commercial real estate may be happening.

The Rise & Risks Of Thematic ETFs

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Why Alt ETFs Have Yet To Take Flight

Alternative ETFs are languishing despite a perfect storm.

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Which biotech/genomics ETF is the better play?

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Stock ‘Meme’ Mania Seeps Into ETFs

AMC is leading the latest meme stock frenzy. Here is the impact on ETFs.

Active & Passive Can Coexist

ETF.com Analysis

Commodity ETFs Need Some Love

This sector of the market seemed ripe for ETFs, but the promise has died on the vine.


ETF Working Lunch: The Hidden Gems

Joining us is Heather Bell, managing editor at ETF.com.

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Bond ETF Demand By Insurers Rising

Insurers are once again investing in ETFs, but the types of funds have changed.

Hot Reads: State Street's New Digital Unit Takes On $1.5T Cryptomarket

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Hot Reads: Bitcoin ETF Approval More Likely In 2022

Plus, what is the state of ESG analysis, and how can investors have an impact?

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: Do Index Funds Have Too Much Voting Power?

Also, why we're not in a housing bubble.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: Oil Tops $70 For 1st Time Since 2018

Also, the G-7 reaches a historic deal on tax reform.

Innovator: Understanding Accelerated ETFs

ETF Industry Perspective

ProShares: Look Beyond Bank Loan ETFs

Consider interest-rate-hedged bond ETFs rather than bank loan ETFs.

ETF Industry Perspective

iShares: Interest In Sustainable ETFs Grows

Learn what helped drive nearly $33 billion into U.S. sustainable ETFs in 2020, more than five times 2019 flows.

ETF Industry Perspective

ProShares: Dividends & Rising Rates

See how dividend investing strategies focused on long-term, consistent dividend growth have performed in different interest rate environments.

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New Travel ETF ‘CRUZ’ Lands

Will pent-up demand for travel meet expectations, or get grounded again?

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TrueMark Completes Buffered ETF Family

The issuer now offers a full lineup of defined outcome ETFs, with one resetting at the start of each month.

Daily ETF Watch

ETFs Follow Different Path In 2021

Year-to-date, we’ve seen record launches but just a handful of closures.

Lifetime Achievement Winner: Matt Hougan

Matt Hougan, ETF.com’s lifetime achievement award winner, spread the word of ETFs to the masses.

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Drew Voros

ETF Report

ETF Launches: LCTU

BlackRock’s carbon transition ETF is the biggest launch ever.

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ETF Explainer: SYLD

Yield-focused ETFs have done well in 2021.

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Comparison Tool: June 2021

A granular look at the differences between two energy sector funds.