Hot Reads: US Bond Return Dispersion Widens

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Don't Buy & Hold Leveraged ETFs

Seriously, don't. Please.                                         

Features and News

Gold & Stocks: A Complicated Correlation

You may be surprised at the recent weakness in gold prices, but you shouldn’t be.


ETF Prime Podcast: Reggie Browne On ETFs Working

Plus, the economic impact of coronavirus, and the case for uranium ETFs.

Cool Tools For ETF Advisors

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Tiny ETF With Massive Discount

Why Global X's Nigerian equity fund is trading at a 15% discount to NAV.

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New Active ETF Models Delivering

These new funds are performing well in their early days.

Features and News

Stock Index Weighting Matters

The S&P 500 is up this year, handily outperforming other stock market gauges.

Top S&P 500 Holdings & Key ESG ETFs


ETF Working Lunch: COVID A New Investment Factor

Joining us is Kristina Hooper, chief global market strategist at Invesco.

ETF Strategist Corner

25 Quotes On Bitcoin & Gold

The polarizing nature of both incite some colorful quotes.


ETF Prime Podcast: BNY Mellon’s Big ETF Entrance

Plus, the path to success for actively managed ETFs.

Hot Reads: Robinhood Blows Past Rivals

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: Stock Rally Fuels Buffer ETF Demand

Also, there’s a key distinction dividend investors must understand.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: Model Portfolio Landscape In 5 Charts

Also, why gold could head to $3,000.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: This Video Game ETF Is On Fire

Also, how direct indexing could change financial services forever.

Fidelity: Big Changes Coming From ETF Regulations

ETF Industry Perspective

MSCI On Factor Trends: What’s In? What’s Out?

The provider of critical decision support tools and services offers factor performance analysis for Q2 and going into Q3.

MSCIJuly 15, 2020

ETF Industry Perspective

iShares: Factor ETFs In Style Boxes

The issuer recently launched factor-based ETFs that fit within the traditional style box framework used by many advisors.

ETF Industry Perspective

Fidelity: Portfolio Construction In Volatile Markets

Learn how you can offer more value to your clients with smarter, more effective portfolio design.

Competing Laddered Buffer ETFs Debut

Daily ETF Watch

Junior Biotech ETF Debuts

New fund invests in small cap biotechnology stocks. 

Daily ETF Watch

TrueMark Debuts 2nd Defined Outcome ETF

Newest competitor in the space expands lineup.

Daily ETF Watch

John Kerry Backing Carbon ETF

KraneShares rolled out two ESG-related ETFs this week, including one with John Kerry’s endorsement.

Next-Gen ETFs Debut Amid Pandemic

ETF Report

Innovator: Defined Outcome Products Gaining Tremendous Steam

New product concept helps investors invest in the market with a built-in buffer.

ETF Report

ETF Launches: WFH

Direxion debuts the first ETF to target companies benefiting from the work-from-home culture.

ETF Report

ETF Explainer: ARKK

ARK’s actively managed fund broadly focused on disruptive innovation has exceled lately.