JP Morgan Biggest Buyer Of Its ETFs

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Tues. Hot Reads: Could Leveraged ETFs Taint Industry?

Plus, ETFs do not cause bear markets. 

ETF Industry Perspective

ProShares: New ETF Unleashes Pet Care Market

"PAWZ" captures a potentially $200 billion industry driven by rising pet ownership and expanding offerings of products and services.

Daily ETF Watch

Leveraged High Div ETN Debuts

UBS adds another ETRACS product to its lineup.

ArrowFunds On Navigating Rising Rates

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Dividend Sector Sweet Spot In ETFs

Former Lehman Bros. VP Larry McDonald talks dividends and how Trump will combat higher rates with lower credit standards.

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Investors Show Bond ETFs Love

More than $66 billion has flowed into fixed-income ETFs this year despite rising interest rates.

Features and News

Large, Liquid ETFs With High Spreads

Sometimes high trading spreads strike where you least expect them.

ETF Prime Podcast: Nadig On Emerging Markets

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Momentum Distinctions

There are two variations of momentum, but is one better than the other?

ETF Strategist Corner

Why Add Equity ETFs Now?

As year-end 2018 approaches, it may be time to tactically go bullish U.S. equities. Analysis

ETF Leader Board Shaken Up

Some smaller ETF providers gaining market share this year due in part to their bond ETFs.

Mon. Hot Reads: Oil’s Long Skid

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Fri. Hot Reads: Buybacks At Record Levels

Plus, a look at what and who inspired the development of ETFs.

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Thurs. Hot Reads: ETFs Causing Market Turmoil?

Plus, Vanguard loses out to Fidelity in robo game.

Daily Hot Reads

Wed. Hot Reads: Looking Beyond Midterms

Plus, analysis of the problems in financial industry’s math.

Vanguard: Active Management Myth Debunked

ETF Industry Perspective

Motley Fool: Opportunity In Small Caps

New research-driven ETF from Motley Fool Asset Management offers exposure to growth and quality in the small-cap space.

ETF Industry Perspective

American Century: Tools Of The ETF Trade

Understanding ETF liquidity and trading.

ETF Industry Perspective

Vanguard: Tips For Portfolio Building

Investors need to do their due diligence before making portfolio decisions.Advertisement

ETF Week: Pet Care ETF Debuts

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Week: Pet Care ETF Debuts

There were several key launches this week.

Daily ETF Watch

Equal Weight Sector ETF Launches

Invesco rounds out its family of equal-weighted S&P 500 sector funds.

Daily ETF Watch

China/US Internet ETF Debuts

Newcomer’s fund covers just 20 companies.

Outlook For Fixed Income ETFs

ETF Report

 Data At A Glance: November 2018

U.S. fixed-income ETFs saw strong inflows in September.

ETF Report

 ETF Launches: November 2018

Vanguard enters the socially responsible ETF space.

ETF Report

 ETF Education: November 2018

Understanding bond ETF liquidity.