First Weekly Inflows In 3 Weeks

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Active Factor ETFs Debut

AGFiQ rolls out two ETFs based on quantitative models.

Index Investor Corner

Converting Vanguard Mutual Funds To ETFs

A look at how it works, and whether it's worth doing.

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ETF Of The Week: Quirky Steel Fund

'SLX,' the only pure-play steel ETF left on the market, is missing a massive segment of the market.

Are All ETFs Transparent?

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Freedom Weighted ETF Debuts

No China? No problem. 'FRDM' offers a unique take on both emerging markets and socially responsible investing.

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Nontransparent Active ETFs Coming

ActiveShares filed for nontransparent active ETFs in the wake of Precidian receiving approval from the SEC.

Features and News

Behind Active ETFs’ Small Victories

Active ETFs saw strong growth in the past year, but it’s too soon to call it a new era.

Swedroe: Factors Are For Holding Analysis

Insurer ETF Usage Helps All

Continuing growth of the portion of ETF assets held by insurers could help drive down prices.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Active Mgmt Whiff On Factors

Examining the holdings of actively managed funds.


ETF Prime Podcast: Bitcoin Back In Spotlight

Plus, spotlighting ‘RVRS’ and Cushing’s Sector Plus ETFs.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: Factors Go Global, But Does It Work?

Also, the mirage of strength behind Argentina country ETFs.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: Best Performing Country ETFs In May

Also, what commodities can tell us about global markets.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: 7 Trends In Investment Mgmt

Also, what’s behind the growth of factor investing.

ProShares: Disrupting The Retail ETF Space

ETF Industry Perspective

Fidelity: Business Cycle Update

The global economy is in a mature expansion, and the late-cycle environment may continue to stir up volatility.

ETF Industry Perspective

ProShares: Why Invest In The Pet Care Industry?

Pet ownership is growing and the industry is thriving. This may mean investment opportunity.

ETF Industry Perspective

VanEck: Expect More From Your Munis

Issuer has been at forefront of muni-bond-focused ETF space for over a decade, offering investors tools to effectively target yield and duration.

ETF Offers New Take On Online Interaction

Daily ETF Watch

New Active ETFs Run With AI

Exchange Traded Concepts has ushered two funds into the market that are run using artificial intelligence.

Daily ETF Watch

Core & Value Smart Beta ETFs Filed

Columbia Threadneedle plans two domestic smart beta funds.

Daily ETF Watch

Closures Almost Matching 2018

Even with the mass closure of iPath ETNs last year, 2019 could still pull ahead for ETF shutdowns.

Smart Beta: Beyond The Hype

ETF Report

Smart Beta Comes Full Circle

Active factor strategies take the smart beta concept to a new crossroad.

ETF Report

Commodities: Shiny & Pure

What commodities can offer investors.

ETF Report

 Data At A Glance: May 2019