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Investing in KPOP Not Just About Returns

Talk ETFsMarch 22, 2023

Jangwon Lee, chief executive of CT Investments and Contents Technologies, discusses his new K-pop ETF. 

AllianceBernstein Adds 3 New Active ETFs

Shubham SaharanMarch 22, 2023

The new funds will focus on equity strategies.

Direct Indexing Seeks to Level Playing Field for Investors

Michelle LodgeMarch 22, 2023

Once available to only the mega-wealthy, custom portfolios reach less affluent investors.

Largest ESG Fund Bleeds Cash Amid Political Backlash

Shubham SaharanMarch 21, 2023

iShares' ESGU lost $4.9 billion in assets in the last two trading days.

KRE Worth Another Look After Bank Bailouts

Andrew HechtMarch 21, 2023

Government emergency steps may be bullish for regional bank ETFs

Portfolio Management Gets an F in Diversity, Author Says

Michelle LodgeMarch 21, 2023

While solid portfolios are built on diversity, managers are overwhelmingly men.

What Are Smart Beta ETFs?

Kent ThuneMarch 21, 2023

Learn what smart beta ETFs are, how they work and their potential benefits and risks.

Credit Suisse Rescue Deal Will ‘Kill Off’ CoCo Bond Market, Expert Warns

Theo AndrewMarch 21, 2023

Serious questions arise regarding the real value of contingent convertible bonds.

UBS’ Credit Suisse Buyout Leaves Fate of ETF Arm Unanswered

Shubham SaharanMarch 20, 2023

The merger would bring one of Europe’s largest asset gatherers to UBS.

Latest Banking Crisis Highlights ETFs’ ‘Additive Liquidity’

Heather BellMarch 20, 2023

Report finds that ETFs provide ‘additive liquidity’ to what’s already available in the primary market, even in times of crisis.

Daily ETF Watch

First Bitcoin ETF of 2023 Launches as Cryptos Gain

Ron DayMarch 21, 2023

Bitwise’s new fund begins trading amid tumult in stock and bond markets.

Roundhill Debuts Mega Cap Banking ETF

Heather BellMarch 21, 2023

The fund gets its exposure via swaps as well as direct ownership of securities.

Odds & Ends: ETF Launches Sputter

Heather BellMarch 17, 2023

However, a significant number of funds are undergoing material changes.

JP Morgan Adds Actively Managed China Equity ETF

Heather BellMarch 16, 2023

The issuer launched a fund covering a market that could be on the verge of a rebound.

Bitcoin & Crypto

6 Straight Weeks of Outflows for Bitcoin

James ButterfillMarch 20, 2023

The outflows were in stark contrast to the broader market, suggesting it was in part due to the need for liquidity.

Can Crypto ETPs Survive Another Winter?

Jamie GordonMarch 14, 2023

Issuer balance sheets and market maker liquidity wizardry can only stretch so far.

Digital Assets Shed a Record $255M

James ButterfillMarch 13, 2023

It was the largest single weekly outflow on record, representing 1.0% of total AUM.

Grayscale’s Solid Day in Court Against SEC Cheered by Investors

Shubham SaharanMarch 07, 2023

Shares of the firm’s GBTC leaped after arguments in spot bitcoin ETF case.


A Unique Angle on Treasury ETFs

Exchange Traded FridaysMarch 17, 2023

Alexander Morris from F/m Investments explains how his firm's ETFs fill an investor need that has previously gone unaddressed.

ETF Working Lunch: Why Aren't Investors Flocking to Inflation ETFs?

ETF Working LunchMarch 14, 2023

ETF Think Tank's Cinthia Murphy highlights the range of inflation-focused ETFs.

Why Betting on Female CEOs Is a Good Investment Strategy

Exchange Traded FridaysMarch 10, 2023

Managing Partner Patricia Lizarraga on what differentiates WCEO from the competition.

Active ETFs for a High Inflation, High Rate Environment

Exchange Traded FridaysMarch 03, 2023

Neil Azous, founder & chief investment officer at Rareview Capital, discusses four unique ETFs investors can use in the current macro environment.