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Best and Worst Performing ETFs of the Year

Sumit RoyMarch 31, 2023

2023 is shaping up to be a very different year than 2022.

More Woes for MAGA (the ETF)

Shubham SaharanMarch 31, 2023

Fund named with Trump slogan has slumped this year, while left-leaning DEMZ leaps.

Catching Up With an Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Exchange Traded FridaysMarch 31, 2023

David Abner has had a long history in the ETF space, so spoke with him about what he's been up to in the past five years.

Andy Sieg to Head Citi Global Wealth 

Michelle LodgeMarch 31, 2023

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management's president returns to former employer.

Odds & Ends: iShares Debuts Environmental Innovation ETF

Heather BellMarch 31, 2023

Plus, Invesco tweaks its 1Q mass ETF closure.

Bank ETFs to Watch at a Historic Moment for the Sector

Rob IsbittsMarch 31, 2023

The latest turmoil doesn’t mean investors should shy away from financial institutions.

1Q ETF Doldrums: More Closures, Fewer Launches

Heather BellMarch 31, 2023

Closures in the quarter triple to 56 as market woes take their toll.

How to Find the Best Brokers for ETFs

Kent ThuneMarch 31, 2023

A guide for choosing the best brokers for ETFs based on fees, reputation and services.

Hot Reads: Advisors Dumping Mutual Funds in Favor of ETFs

Heather BellMarch 31, 2023

Plus, the first smart beta ETF celebrates 20 years.

Tech Charges QQQ as Nasdaq Enters Bull Market

Shubham SaharanMarch 30, 2023

The ETF’s 20% surge from its December low handily beats the broader market.

Daily ETF Watch

Simplify Debuts K-1 Free Commodities ETF

Heather BellMarch 28, 2023

This is the issuer’s first foray into the asset class.

F/m Launches 5 More Single Security Treasury ETFs

Heather BellMarch 28, 2023

The issuer has completed its Treasury ETF lineup with its latest rollout.

Odds & Ends: First Nickel Miners ETF Debuts

Heather BellMarch 24, 2023

Plus, AdvisorShares is set to close two more funds by the end of the quarter.

AllianceBernstein Adds 3 New Active ETFs

Shubham SaharanMarch 22, 2023

The new funds will focus on equity strategies.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Fintech ETFs Feel the Heat as a New Era of Oversight Takes Shape

Sean DalyMarch 27, 2023

Crypto and digital payment funds face several crucial legal and regulatory changes that could usher in a new era of oversight.

Digital Assets See Largest Weekly Inflows Since July 2022

James ButterfillMarch 27, 2023

The inflows totaled $160 million, a marked turnaround following six weeks of outflows.

Wood’s ARKK Bought Coinbase, Block Before Shares Tumbled

Ron DayMarch 23, 2023

Still, ARK’s flagship fund rises; share declines highlight volatility.

6 Straight Weeks of Outflows for Bitcoin

James ButterfillMarch 20, 2023

The outflows were in stark contrast to the broader market, suggesting it was in part due to the need for liquidity.


ETF Working Lunch: Helping Issuers Navigate the ETF Industry

ETF Working LunchMarch 28, 2023

Aisha Hunt joins the podcast to discuss recent changes at her law firm and the biggest issues in ETFs.

AllianceBernstein's Approach to Launching ETFs

Exchange Traded FridaysMarch 24, 2023

Plus, a look at the implications of recent events around Coinbase and Block's stocks and the recent Fed rate hike.

A Unique Angle on Treasury ETFs

Exchange Traded FridaysMarch 17, 2023

Alexander Morris from F/m Investments explains how his firm's ETFs fill an investor need that has previously gone unaddressed.

ETF Working Lunch: Why Aren't Investors Flocking to Inflation ETFs?

ETF Working LunchMarch 14, 2023

ETF Think Tank's Cinthia Murphy highlights the range of inflation-focused ETFs.