Bremmer: Europe Vulnerable; India Ready To Rise

July 29, 2014 INSIGHT

iShares MSCI Indonesia (EIDO | B-99)
Bremmer doesn't consider Jokowi's recent election win in Indonesia a drastic change from his predecessor, such as the case in Modi's win in India. Still, that's a good thing, according to Bremmer, who says Indonesia was already on a "pretty good trajectory" due to its great demographics, abundant natural resources and its trade relations with China, Japan and the US. For broad, representative exposure to Indonesian stocks, EIDO is a solid choice. For 61 basis points, the cap-weighted EIDO holds roughly 100 large-, mid- and small-cap Indonesian stocks traded in Jakarta. Its $550 million in assets makes EIDO the largest Indonesia-focused ETF and its $14 million in median daily volume makes it the most liquid option. Spreads, however, average 0.10%, so limit orders are still recommended.

iShares MSCI India ETF (INDA | C-94)
The Indian stock market has been ecstatic over the recent election of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi—a big vote of confidence from the investor community. While critics claim the enthusiasm is overblown, Bremmer disagrees and says Modi is "a dramatic change from his predecessors in the Congress party." Change isn't always good but Bremmer notes that "India was really bad, now it looks really good." Investors evaluating Indian equities might consider INDA which holds a representative basket of nearly 70 Indian companies and trades more than $9 million most days at an average spread just 2 pennies wide. INDA tracks its index well and has returned more than 25 percent over the past year—a hot fund to be sure.

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