Hot Reads: 3 Excellent Dividend Growth ETFs

August 04, 2020

Compiled by Staff


3 Excellent Dividend Growth Funds (Morningstar)
You can do better than 'VYM.'


Dollar Malaise Supports Commodities In July (Indexology) 
Demand for precious metals is booming thanks to several factors.


Gold ETF Holdings Are Booming (Bloomberg)
Only the U.S. government holds more gold. 


4 Defensive ETFs For A Fear-Driven Market (Money Show)
How to hedge your portfolio against another fear-driven market decline.


Wealthfront Gamifies Bills (WM)
Wealthfront's push into banking takes it further from its investing roots.


CEOs' Formative Years & The Gender Gap (Alpha Architect)
Is the gender gap the result of decision-maker bias, or economic factors?


Shilling: Bond Yields Sending Stocks Scary Signal (ThinkAdvisor)
The great depth of this recession has yet to hit home; stocks could tumble 30-40%.


Why Housing Could Be 1 Of The 2020s’ Best Performing Assets (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Hint: millennials, interest rates and constrained supply.


Valuation Since The Late 1990s (Reformed Broker)
Win any argument with your friends!


Fallacy Of CAPE As A Market Predictor (Advisor Perspective)
One of the common mistakes made in this type of analysis.


Hedge Fund Sweet Spots (Institutional Investor)
Volatility has dropped to optimal levels for hedge funds to produce alpha, says J.P. Morgan.


Corporate Bond Investors Have Heaven On Their Minds (Parametric Portfolio)
(Despite some fallen angels.)


Creating Anti-Fragile Portfolios (CFA Institute)
Is a portfolio long or short volatility? That question is becoming increasingly critical.


Did Bonds Deliver? (MSCI)
Leveraging fixed income during the COVID-19 crisis. 

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