2018 ETF.com Annual Awards

April 01, 2019



MSCI has won the award for Index Provider Website before, which isn’t surprising. The site showcases not only the index provider’s extensive product offering, but the depth of its expertise, which is informed by its 50+ years of experience in the index business.

At every turn while navigating the website, visitors can access MSCI’s research through blogs and research papers, as well as learn more about its product offerings, which the firm has broken down into five core categories: global investing, factor investing, risk management, real estate and ESG research.

In addition to new blog posts and research covering those core areas, the website also allows visitors to search for returns for its cap-weighted regional, country and sector indexes based on any end date for up to a 10-year period. The sight further offers educational sections on ESG, factors and real estate investing, as well as core asset classes.

Essentially, the intuitive design of MSCI’s website offering and the amount of research and data it provides gives investors the means and opportunity to educate themselves on a wide range of investment topics and to fully understand how products tied to MSCI indexes work.



WINNER: iShares by BlackRock

If liquidity providers are the team on the field, an ETF issuer’s capital markets team is the coaching staff. While investors never trade directly with them, they have an enormous influence on every trade: working with authorized participants to make sure they can effectively arbitrage out price disconnects; helping institutions connect with counterparties; or just working with portfolio managers to help manage internal liquidity.

iShares by BlackRock takes the prize here for the second year in a row. Perhaps it’s no surprise that the world’s largest ETF issuer continues a 25-year tradition of capital markets excellence. Commenters highlighted how the firm works with advisors to help them understand the impact of large trades, to manage rebalancing trades across different issuers, and to offer expertise in how to manage portfolios reaching far beyond iShares ETFs. 

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