The Annual Awards

May 01, 2020


WINNER: Jane Street

Liquidity providers quite literally make ETF markets by enabling parties on both sides of a trade to find each other efficiently and effectively. The right liquidity support can make or break an ETF, ultimately leading to either asset growth or closure.

Veteran firm Jane Street is our voters’ pick for Liquidity Provider of the Year for the second year in a row. As one of the oldest and largest such liquidity providers, the firm trades in more than 5,000 ETFs worldwide.

In addition, Jane Street continues to expand its reach, with over 100 ETF-dedicated traders doing more than $9.5 billion in ETF business daily. Voters praised Jane Street’s consistency, speed in execution, and commitment to product support across all points of an ETF’s life cycle.




Peek into the prospectuses of some of 2019’s most innovative launches, and you’ll see one name crop up again and again: U.S. Bank.

In fact, U.S. Bank has provided custodial services to several other of 2019’s award winners, including the Innovator Defined Outcome ETFs, the first Islamic fixed income ETF (SPSK) and the first freedom-weighted emerging market ETF (FRDM).

It’s that commitment to innovation that motivated our voters to choose U.S. Bank for ETF Custodian of the Year for 2019. Lauded for its great service and reasonable fees, U.S. Bank earned accolades for its behind-the-scenes product support, from concept to launch and beyond.

In particular, commenters praised U.S. Bank’s willingness to work with smaller, boutique issuers, who often get overlooked by other custodians. Without them, said one commenter, “The industry wouldn’t be expanding.”

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