The Annual Awards

May 01, 2020


WINNER: iShares

BlackRock’s iShares unit continues its winning streak when it comes to Best ETF Issuer Website, claiming the prize for 2019, as it has every year since the Awards began. The site undergoes regular facelifts but consistently remains well-designed and easy to understand.

The sheer volume of choices and information on the main page is vast. At the very top, visitors can select from going to a fund list; investment ideas from iShares; a “Market Insights” option featuring the latest BlackRock research; educational pieces on investing and ETFs; and the extensive iShares resource library.

However, if investors stick to the main page and continue to scroll down, they can read an article about a highlighted topic or search for a specific fund by name, ticker or product type. Navigate further down the main page, and there are more opportunities to learn about ETFs and iShares products, specifically.

Essentially, the site offers multiple ways to access the same key pieces of information, ensuring investors will inevitably find what they’re looking for. The educational material can guide beginners with regard to getting started building a portfolio, while the research information available is sure to please more sophisticated investors. And of course, you can research each and every one of iShares’ nearly 370 ETFs.




This award category is possibly the most fun. For those of us who spend our days researching the ETF space, it’s always exciting to see a new ETF come to market and offer brand new access to investors, but we also love a catchy ticker! A descriptive, memorable ticker can go a long way in helping a new ETF find traction in a universe of 2,200-plus funds.

Every year, the list of nominees and finalists in this category is a colorful, clever display of marketing genius in the ETF business. In 2019, finding the best-in-class was no easy task. But the Roundhill BITKRAFT Esports & Digital Entertainment ETF takes the prize.

Yes, this fund has a name that’s a bit of a mouthful, but its ticker is brilliant: NERD. If you’re an esports enthusiast, or a die-hard video gamer, you may resent the implication. You may even argue you’re cool. But let’s be serious: You’re a total nerd, and Roundhill Investments is here for you. NERD is catchy, it’s memorable and it’s downright spot-on for this strategy. Go NERDs!  

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