ETF Launches: CNBS

September 01, 2019


Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF (CNBS)
The fund is one of several additions to the growing marijuana ETF space

In late July, Amplify rolled out its own marijuana- focused ETF, following in the footsteps of firms like ETF Managers Group and AdvisorShares. The Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF (CNBS) is actively managed and invests in companies at the global level that are involved in the overall hemp and cannabis ecosystem. It is just one of multiple marijuana ETFs that launched during the month.

CNBS comes with an expense ratio of 0.75% and lists on the NYSE Arca exchange.

The fund’s portfolio manager, Tim Seymour, has been investing in the cannabis space for four years and is a recognized expert on the subject.

CNBS targets companies involved in the production of hemp or cannabis products; companies that support said production through such areas as agricultural technology, retail operations and real estate; and companies involved in “ancillary” business activities, such as consumption devices.

Firms eligible for inclusion in the fund must meet minimum size and liquidity requirements, and can only engage in marijuana production for legal, medical purposes, according to the prospectus.

CNBS’ portfolio is expected to hold 35-45 securities selected from the small, mid and large cap size segments. Currently, it mainly holds Canadian stocks.

Source: Data and information as of 7/31/2019.
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