Hidden Gem ETFs

December 01, 2017

[This article appears in our December issue of ETF Report.]

The ETF industry is all about innovation. Ours is a disruptive industry, constantly pushing the boundaries to create better outcomes for investors.

But almost 25 years into the ETF experiment, it’s getting harder and harder for the best new ideas to break through. The largest ETFs get the bulk of the flows, and platforms and wire houses are making it increasingly hard for small funds to compete. In the fog, some truly exceptional funds are being overlooked.

We want to change that.

Earlier this year, we put out a call to ETF issuers to submit their “Hidden Gems” to us—funds with less than $300 million in assets that offered exceptional exposures to the market. We promised to choose 10 (we ended up with 11—we just couldn’t resist!) to highlight both in this supplement and at our upcoming Inside ETFs conference. We wanted to shine a light on the best innovation taking place within ETFs.

Read the profiles that follow carefully. These are truly exceptional products. Let’s not let these gems stay hidden any longer.

Best regards,

Matt Hougan
CEO, Inside ETFs

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