Active Finds Its Footing

August 2017

This issue of ETFR looks at the burgeoning actively managed ETF space. Active ETFs are gathering more assets and carving out a space for themselves in the broader ETF industry, where previously they had been more of a footnote than a strong presence.

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ETF Features

Transparency Vs. ‘Tyranny Of Benchmarks’

Managers want nontransparent active ETFs. But does anybody else?

ETF Features

Quirky Working In These Active ETFs

Active sector ETFs promise a better mousetrap—and many have delivered. But what's really behind the outperformance? 

ETF Features

Top Performing Active ETFs

With only 10 actively managed ETFs crossing the $1 billion mark, we look at what they have in common.

ETF Features

Single Factor ETFs Can Be Multifactor

WisdomTree’s Luciano Siracusano discusses factor investing.

ETF Features

 Smart Beta Launches

A run-down of the smart-beta launches in May and June 2017.

ETF Features

Hottest Smart Beta ETFs This Year

From a massive universe, we look at the ones with the biggest asset hauls. 

ETF Departments

 New ETF Launches

An international free-cash-flow ETF makes its debut. Plus our list of launches and closures for June.

ETF Departments

 ETF Explainer: PSI

Our ETF Explainer looks at the drivers behind the semiconductor space’s impressive rise over the past year.

ETF Departments

 Sectors In Review

Sectors did well in June, with financials, in particular, outperforming.

ETF Departments

 Commodities In Review

Commodities were mostly in negative territory in June, but wheat and industrial metals did well.

ETF Departments

 Countries In Review

Developing markets were the best and worst performers in June.

ETF Departments

The Myth Of Purely Passive Investing

Why active investing will never go the way of the dodo.

ETF Departments

 ETF Data

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF returns for every market segment.