Break Away: More Advisors Are Starting Their Own Firms

July 2015

ETF Report started out in 2000 as a newsletter focused on ETF investors, making it the very first ETF-centric publication in the market. Since then, ETF Report has blossomed into a monthly magazine for the growing community of advisors that use ETFs in their clients' portfolios.

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ETF Features

 Breaking Away

The proliferation of ETFs has empowered many advisors to go it on their own.

ETF Features

 Can Active ETFs Gain Traction?

After a slow beginning, active management in ETFs looks to a new structure for a jump-start.

ETF Features

 Rob Arnott: Thoughts From A Founding Father

Rob Arnott discusses the development of an investment phenomenon he helped to found.

ETF Features

 What Is An ETF?

Looks like a mutual fund, trades like a stock.

ETF Features

How To Choose An ETF

You may be surprised by what the important considerations are.

ETF Features

How To Go About Trading An ETF

Yes, they trade like stocks, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

ETF Features

 Top 10 ETF Risks

If you’re going to invest in ETFs, do it with your eyes wide open.