Commodity Outlook 2018

May 2018

This issue of ETF Report addresses some of the key questions around commodities.

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Features and News

Commodity ETFs Navigate Choppy Seas

After years of disappointing returns, is the asset class ready for a comeback?

Features and News

K-1 Taxes Hurdle For Commodity ETFs

More taxes. Higher costs. Bigger headaches. Is there anything to love about the humble commodity pool?

ETF Features

Bitcoin Nipping At Gold Demand

Despite the media hype, don’t expect gold to go anywhere.

ETF Departments

 New ETF Launches

iShares rolls out AI-driven 'Evolved' family of sector ETFs.

ETF Departments

 ETF Explainer: XHE

We look at the key turning points for the SPDR S&P Health Care Equipment ETF over the past year.

ETF Departments

Wealth Manager Focuses On Big Picture ETFs

Mainline takes an asset-class-based approach to the market.

ETF Departments

 Commodities In Review

Metals lagged, while energy commodities shined.

ETF Departments

 Sectors In Review

March saw all of the ETFs in five key sectors end up in negative territory.

ETF Departments

 Countries In Review

Country ETFs saw mostly negative returns, except for some bright spots in developing markets.

ETF Departments

Commodity ETFs: The Last Frontier

The grand challenge of indexing ...

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New VanEck ETF Builds On Firm’s Expertise

50 years of real assets experience lies behind latest product.

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Hidden Gem ETFs

The greatest ETFs you've never heard of.

ETF Data

 ETF Data

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF returns for every market segment.