The Innovation Issue

December 2017

This issue examines the most innovative and well-received ETFs of 2017.

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ETF Features

Top ETF Launches Of 2017

The year’s launches are notable both for their levels of ownership by their own issuers and their niche strategies.

ETF Features

Biggest Trends In 2017 ETF Rollouts

Commodity funds were also popular, while currency hedging fell out of favor.

ETF Features

Top 5 Standout ETF Launches Of 2017

Which funds broke new ground?

Features and News

MLP ETFs Face Oil & Tax Issues Ahead

How one expert thinks master limited partnerships will be impacted by the coming tax reform.

ETF Features

ETF Investors Offer Their Feedback

The fifth annual ETF investor survey has some interesting twists and turns.

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Hidden Gem ETFs

The greatest ETFs you've never heard of.

ETF Departments

 New ETF Launch: SCHK

Schwab rolls out Russell 1000 competitor. Plus our list of launches and closures for October.

ETF Departments

 ETF Explainer: XLE

The Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund is in a slump, hurt by depressed oil prices.

ETF Departments

 October 2017 Sectors In Review

October was a mixed month for sectors.

ETF Departments

 October 2017: Countries In Review

Developing markets were the best and worst performers in October.

ETF Departments

 October 2017: Commodities In Review

Except for precious metals, commodities had an upbeat month.

ETF Departments

Nadig: Going Beyond Cheap

The nuances of ETF costs.

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Pinning Down Factors

What makes a factor, and how investors can implement them in portfolios.

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2017 ETF Investor Survey Results

Investors offer opinions on smart beta’s hybrid nature and the importance of expense ratios.

ETF Data

 ETF Databank

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF returns for every market segment.