The International Investing Issue

January 2022

ETF Report is one of the few monthly publications to specifically cover the U.S. ETF industry. Every month, it looks at major trends and themes within the industry and distills them into actionable investment ideas for its readers.

It also provides a record of the industry, including new launches and the performance of the largest U.S.-listed ETFs. Among its other offerings are comparisons between funds, flows summaries, a dedicated crypto page and an explainer that breaks down the movements of a major ETF during the prior 12-month period.

This issue of ETF Report takes a look at international investing and how investors should view the concept.

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ETF Features

Determining Ex-US Allocations

International exposure can be helpful in terms of a portfolio’s performance.

ETF Features

Europe & Its Standout Countries

Investors should not overlook Europe’s potential.

ETF Features

China In Perspective

The government crackdown on certain types of companies in China has made many investors nervous.

ETF Departments

ETF Launches: CTRU

ARK's latest launch targets companies offering transparency.

ETF Departments

ETF Explainer: IBUY

The top online retail ETF had a rough 2021.

ETF Departments

Comparison Tool: January 2022

A granular look at the differences between two energy ETFs.

ETF Departments

Stock Finder: January 2022

Key stats on companies that stand out and the ETFs that hold them.

ETF Departments

Data At A Glance: January 2022

A review of fund flows and key trends around U.S. sectors, fixed income and ESG.

ETF Departments

Countries In Review: January 2022

Emerging market country ETFs stood out from the pack in December.

ETF Departments

Cryptocurrency Corner: January 2022

The performance of the largest cryptocurrencies and current events in the space.

ETF Departments

ETF Report’s 2022 Makeover

The benefits of a digital-only magazine.

ETF Data

ETF Data: January 2022

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF and ETN returns for every market segment.