If You’ve Heard More About FTSE Lately...

In January, the FTSE index launched a £3 million, or $4.8 million, one year marketing campaign. While FTSE would not say what its previous marketing budget was, it admitted that the current amount was a definite increase.


DATA Equity Indexes Worldwide

Equity Indexes Worldwide In Local Currencies
  1999 Price Return (%) 1998 Price Return (%)
1st Qtr
12 Mos.


Indexers Wrestle With Malaysian Investor Policies

Malaysia’s sudden imposition of a one-year holding period on foreign investments on Sept. 1, 1998 sent a wave of irritation and angst sweeping over the international investing community.


1999 World Index Returns

1999 World Index Returns In US$
FT/S&P World Actuaries
Salomon SSBGEI


This Index Is Wired

So maybe the Internet is the future (see lead story). But it's not the whole future. Wired magazine's editors have created their own 40-stock index intended to reflect their broader vision of the technological world and where it is headed. A considerable number of the index's constituents are in the computer and Internet industries, but companies like DaimlerChrysler AG and Walt Disney Co. firmly set it apart from the proliferation of indexes that focus strictly on the trendiest and highly volatile market sector.


FTSE Launches British Small Cap Index

FTSE International launched its FTSE All-Small index on Nov. 30, 1998. The new index is designed to measure the performance of all fully listed UK smaller companies, a FTSE International press release said.


The Case Against Indexing

Birinyi Associates studied the index fund phenomenon and found a lot to criticize in something so hugely successful.


New Canadian Index Funds –Part One

Altamira Investment Services became yet another of the growing number of Canadian investment companies to offer its own series of index funds when it released its Precision family of funds on Nov. 9, 1998.