Just When You Thought It Was Only Stock Indexes

With so many new stock indexes making their debuts, bond indexes might seem lost in the shuffle. But the field has not been neglected. Europe is taking the lead in offering new debt-related securities indexes in the wake of the Euro; new bond indexes covering Australia and the U.S real estate market have also been introduced.

Deutsche Borse

Deutsche Borse has announced a new series of pan-European and euro-zone bond indexes for both institutional and individual investors.


Pssst - Want A Hang Seng Fund?

The Hong Kong government plans to create a closed-end fund tracking the blue chip Hang Seng as a way to begin selling off its stock portfolio recently valued at 220 billion Hong Kong dollars ($28.4 billion), as early as November.


New Indexes Are Breaking Out All Over

While companies like FTSE International, Dow Jones, S&Pand MSCI seem to
dominate the indexing industry, they are hardly the only players on the field.


A Short Course in Currency Overlay

Plans, in general, have widely differing characteristics and objectives depending on plan maturity, workforce/retiree ratio, risk tolerance, legal restrictions, etc. There is no single currency policy that will be optimal for all. Each needs to develop a currency policy that suits its particular characteristics and objectives. Creating a currency policy requires that a number of decisions be made, and this article explores those decisions and their impact.


Devil-Free Indexes

Constructing an index to include the correlations you want and exclude those you don’t want can be more complicated than it seems.


DATA Equity Indexes Worldwide

Equity Indexes Worldwide In Local Currencies
  1999 Price Return (%) 1998 Price Return (%)
2nd Qtr
1st Qtr


Here Come The Global Titans

Dow Jones launched a 50-stock benchmark index of the world's largest multinational companies on June 1. The first of its kind, the Dow Jones Global Titans Index is a response to the growing importance placed by professional investors on giant multinationals.


The DJIA Gets An Annuity

American Equity Investment Life Insurance Co. announced April 29 that it has secured a license from Dow Jones Indexes and is introducing "The Dow Equity-Indexed Annuity," the first tax deferred fixed annuity that links its interest rate to the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA).