The Case For Indexing

Barclays Global Investors commissioned a study of the index fund phenomenon.


1999 Regional Returns (%)


How Do Investors Like Index Funds? A Lot, Schwab Finds

Charles Schwab & Co. released the results of its second quarterly Mutual Interest Council survey Feb. 1.


Lehman Bros.’ New Index Offerings

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. launched a series of bond indexes Jan. 1, 1999, for the commercial mortgage-backed securities market, the high yield European market, and the non-Euro denominated European bond market.


DJI Offers Extra Liquid Index for Canada

On March 26, Dow Jones Indexes launched without fanfare the first of its Extra Liquid Series indexes to cover the Canadian equities market.


Dow Theory Lives!

The authors realized a classic study of that first major try at technical analysis, the Dow Theory, was


New Index Fund Invests In Nascar Racing Sponsors’ Stocks

Many of the people watching the Daytona 500 will only see cars going around in circles. But to John Allen and Kim Torrence, those cars are high-speed investment vehicles.

Allen and Torrance are the principles behind the StockCar Stocks Index Fund, a mutual fund made up of 56 publicly traded companies that sponsor Nascar Winston Cup Series stock cars.


Are You Really A Growth Or A Value Investor?

Research in psychology and management development argues that individuals have preferences for analyzing, interpreting and assimilating information.